Great for Team Buildings

We can host up to 42 people at the same time in 7 unique rooms.

We can also host up to 84 people in a 3 hour event. Everyone takes part in an exciting room escape experience, as well as spending some time in the conference room getting training or just chatting and enjoying coffee and tea.
We can also organize training, conference, catering and more.

Children’s birthday

Happy birthday!

A birtday is a special occasion to make party and what is better than an escape game in the form of a treasure hunt to celebrate it?

We manage everything! Food, drinks, the birthday’s cake, animation, music and of corse the escape game.

The game was created for childrens under 10 years old. A terrible character robbed all the birthday’s presents but he left behind him hints and candies. Childrens will have to follow his track, solve clues, search everywhere, and think in order to find the place where the birthday’s presents are hidden.

Contact us at 0662754468 to plan details.

Available only during the week and Saturday and Sunday mornings.